Residential Internet

Residential Internet

Your Internet Connection at Home, Fast and Reliable!

Do you want to enjoy the best Internet connection? Do you need a good connection to work from the comfort of your home? Or maybe you want to have the fastest Internet to play online with your friends or family?

In any case, in Live! Telecom we offer the Internet connection with the highest speed and coverage. This will allow you to browse, work, play and even watch movies or series much faster. All this without having to share your Internet with your neighbors! Your connection is exclusive.

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Fast Connection

Exclusively for you

Our Offer

What Makes Us Different?

We offer state-of-the-art technology and top-quality services that connect you with the world in a responsible, direct, uninterrupted, safe, and unlimited way. We offer you the fastest speed and coverage very few can reach.

Direct Connection

We connect your home or company either by fiber optics or only in the last mile by microwave. It is the most direct way possible to the Internet Backbone at its origin (U.S.A.).

Uninterrupted service

With Live! Telecom the connection is immune to the weather, exclusive, isolated and unique for each of our clients in their home, company and/or area as well as it is being protected within our network.

Unlimited Internet

Our plans offer unlimited consumption, with constant speed regardless of the transfer volume. We also keep your information protected since there is no traffic analysis in our network.

Custom Service

In Live! Telecom, we distinguish ourselves by offering our clients personalized attention, no minimum contract lengths, installation of your service in less than 48 business hours, technical support by qualified personnel, and plans with competitive prices.

In your area

We offer coverage in areas or places that few companies can reach.

Committed with the planet

We are the only telecommunications operator focused on the innovation of its services and committed to the planet and the environment. We use equipment with the highest technology that allows energy savings, complete stability of your service, and avoids visual pollution that wiring causes in cities.


Pricing and Features

In Live! Telecom we select offers based on your location.

Select your area to learn about our available plans.

Select your area to learn about our available plans


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