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Our service policies

The services that the company provides to our clients are designed to work with the characteristics of the prices and capacities established in the commercial sections of this site.

Installations and after-sales services are performed by qualified personnel at the customer's registered address in the contract. Resale services, open distribution, or any form that could damage the telecommunications market and free competition according to the IFT and COFECE are not allowed. The equipment with which we provide the service is on loan and must be returned once the client no longer requires the service or no longer pays for it.

The due date for payment is informed to the customer once the service has been installed, and the customer has one calendar month to make the payment. After the due date, the customer has three days to make an untimely payment and on the fourth day, the service will be disconnected. The client will still have the commercial obligation to pay for the service even if it is disconnected. If the payment is not made before the second due date, we will proceed to collect the loan equipment at the established address and request the payment of the month the client had service. In case the payment and equipment are not returned, the case will be transferred to both the credit bureau and the legal department using the client's contract.

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