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Live the experience of having the best unlimited Internet service with high-quality connectivity, high speed, professional customer service, and coverage in places very few can reach.

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Fiber Optic Service

Real Speed, Exclusive Connection

We offer the best fiber optic and microwave network in all of North America. We are the only telecommunications operator with high-quality and ecological service in all of Mexico, as we use noble and eco-friendly materials to bring the best Internet connection everywhere. We use world-class technology, something that not all companies are capable of. In addition, we arrive in the last mile via microwaves, without complications or effects due to the weather.


The highest download and upload speeds


Watch movies and play video games without problems


Secure and exclusive connection


Unmatched and reliable connection

High-end technology

Fiber optic and microwave connection


Download and upload files without interruption

Residential Internet

Your Internet Connection at Home, Fast and Reliable!

Do you want to enjoy the best Internet connection? Do you need a good connection to work from the comfort of your home? Or maybe you want to have the fastest Internet to play online with your friends or family?

In any case, in Live! Telecom we offer the Internet connection with the highest speed and coverage. This will allow you to browse, work, play and even watch movies or series much faster. All this without having to share your Internet with your neighbors! Your connection is exclusive.

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Fast Connection

Exclusively for you

Business Internet

Effective solutions for your company

Created for any company that wants to optimize its operations and meet its needs with a Tier 2 connection.

Live! Telecom's Dedicated Ethernet Internet will allow you to manage all your operations, monitoring, and controls like never before and in real-time. We will keep you ALWAYS CONNECTED to the world wide web.

Live! Telecom is the best option, guaranteed.

Fastest Connection

Created for the highest capacities and without sharing with other users in the area.

World-class technology

Our company offers the best fiber optic and microwave network in North America.

Environmentally friendly

We are the only ecological telecommunications operator in Mexico. We use high-quality and eco-friendly materials.


Pricing and Features

In Live! Telecom we select offers based on your location.

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What do our customers say?

"The best Internet service company."

Carlos Reyes Toluca Metropolitan Area

"It was very agile over the phone. Excellent service."

Gerardo Morales Montes de Oca Toluca Metropolitan Area

"Thanks, you offer excellent internet service. I always recommend you. Keep it up".

Jorge L. Contreras S. Toluca Metropolitan Area

“You guys did everything you could to connect us. We had another service with a download speed of about 1.5 Mbps and an upload speed of between 0 and 0.09 Mbps. Now we have about 40/20. It's like night and day and everyone in your organization went out of their way to make this happen for us. Thanks."

James Philip Ferris San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

"The Internet service is excellent and the technical support for troubleshooting is good."

Fabiola Navarro San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

“Reliable company. Their Internet service is very good."

María Anaya Dolores Hidalgo C.I.N., Gto.

"Friendly and good quality service."

Victoria Balderas Dolores Hidalgo C.I.N., Gto.

"A 100% good quality service."

José B. San Miguel de Allende, Gto.

"100% recommended, excellent service."

Alma Itzel H. Toluca Metropolitan Area

"Excellent service. I recommend it."

Eddie M. Toluca Metropolitan Area

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